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Sober Living

Sober Living communities are designed to support sobriety for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The purpose of living in a sober living community, is to help people in recovery to adjust to living without the need for substance abuse.

Sober communities provide the ideal transition from rehab before returning to living independently. There are certain rules and restrictions that people must adhere to when living in a community that promotes abstinence, but also fosters an environment where everyone can become a productive member of the community.

Who Can Live in a Sober Living House?

Most sober living homes in Ohio, do not place restrictions on who can apply to live there. However, the majority of people in these communities have graduated from a rehab program and are transitioning to independent living in a safe, substance-free environment.

What Is It Like to Be Part of a Sober Living Community?

Staying at a sober living home in Ohio, offers a drug-free environment in which people can learn how to live life again without drugs or alcohol. Each person is still expected to be responsible for their own care. For example, they are responsible for paying rent and buying food, therefore they may have to maintain regular work commitments.

The community also offers a safe, productive environment where friendships and mutual respect help residents to abstain from substance abuse. There are always other recovering people nearby, willing to discuss the challenges and experiences of overcoming addiction, which acts as an excellent support network.

Being a part of a community where everyone is experiencing similar struggles, also makes it easier to lend support to others. Many people in recovery learn new levels of self-respect and self-confidence when they are given the opportunity to provide support to others in such a setting.

They learn that they have value in someone else’s life by making an active contribution to another person’s recovery efforts. Of course, they are also held accountable by other members of the community if previous destructive patterns of behavior start to emerge.

Residents are also expected to attend 12-step program meetings on a regular basis. Many people may also be required to continue sessions with a therapist while living in the community.

However, people in sober communities throughout Ohio are also required to submit to random drug tests from time to time, to prove they are abiding by their commitment to abstinence.  In addition, there are certain curfews to be maintained each night, which further enforces the structure and routine needed to remain abstinent. Rules such as these, help residents learn to take responsibility for themselves and their behavior.

Does Sober Living Work?

A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health indicates that recovering addicts who return directly to independent living after graduating from rehab, are far more likely to return to a cycle of drug or alcohol abuse soon after being discharged.

By comparison, learning to live life and cope with everyday stresses in a sober living community, allows recovering addicts to develop new self-care routines and patterns that improve the chances of making a successful recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living

One of the leading benefits of choosing a sober living community as a transition from rehab, is that the person gets to maintain a level of independence while still having some of the benefits of a treatment center available. This is an important step in any successful recovery, as returning home to independent living too soon may expose a newly-recovering person to temptation to return back to self-destructive habits and patterns of substance abuse.

Most importantly, choosing to reside in a clean and sober community, allows recovering individuals to benefit from practicing newly learned skills and recovery tools needed in order to thrive when they return to independent living.

If you or someone you know needs access to a Sober Living Environment, reach out to a dedicated rehabilitation facility in Ohio today to learn about the available options.